Caregivers / Nannys Service

Caregivers ( For your parents Personal Care)

Keeping Your Loved One Safe
When someone is experiencing health issues they often need extra help with the daily tasks that keep them comfortable in their living environment.  When you're not feeling your best, activities that used to be easy such as taking a bath, or making a health meal, become more difficult.  Struggling alone with these activities of daily living can be stressful and can increase the risk of accidents.  AMGS is there to provide your loved one with with home care services to keep them safe and independent.  We work closely with heath care providers who are treating you loved one to provide a seamless are experience.
Supervise Quality Care Solutions
Our highest priority is your peace of mind about the quality of care your loved one is recieving; this is only accomplished by hiring outstanding caregivers. We invest in rigorous screening before we select our caregiver for prospective employer. Through our Quality Assurance process we continuously assess that the caregiver's personality and skill level are a good fit with your loved one.
AMGS knows how important careful screening is to our clients, and we do our utmost to provide qualified candidates with good work histories and excellent references. If for any reason, you're not fully satisfied, we'll offer you other qualified candidates until you find the one you want to retain on a long-term basis.




All maternity nurses and nannies are carefully screened and chosen specifically for your requirements; we only accept nannies and maternity nurses that meet our high expectations and criteria. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with some of the best nanny and maternity nurse care available for your children; within our AMGS nannies agency we take care to match the right nanny for your specific needs.
Our AMGS consultants are highly trained experts within their field and are vastly experienced in the placement of maternity nurses and nannies throughout the Philippines and Worldwide. We maintain the highest level of confidentiality with our clients. Contact our AMGS today and we will guide you through the whole process and discuss your childcare options with you.



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